The Power

The Power Within


Walking with God is different for every individual that goes without saying.  I watch others who walk in faith and there are times I envy the way they walk with God, their intimate connection, their self assurance.  Ever notice how some Christians talk with such profound words and expressions and then there are others who just walk like they are lifted so high, then I talk to God and almost apologetically, ask why it is that I don’t come across with such spirituality? Continue reading “The Power”

Expressing Your Views In A Positive Manner

How one expresses themselves displays more than what is being said, it gives insight into a deeper reveal of who that person is inside, how things affect them and how they tend to handle various aspects of what is going on around them.  A remark made in humor, has hidden meanings, and one made with depth and sincerity, may get the opposite reception.  “What you say and what you mean, may not come across as you wanted”, but when we have a platform to elaborate, and openly express our hearts, it takes the questions, and misunderstanding out, and all parties learn something unexpected.  Continue reading “Expressing Your Views In A Positive Manner”

A Point With A View

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The Journey Begins

I am in the process of setting up my blog. Rather than halt my traffic, I think we could make use of the time testing our connection. Everyday, I will try to post something, and your task, should you decide to accept it, is to follow with at least one positive thought. Two or more sentences, because every thought is more than one word, and every one of us has at least one positive thing that can be said, so share it before the negative has a chance to ruin what blessing God is pouring into your spirit.
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A Point With A View

I’m a informational, insightful, informed wordssmith filled with sage, and wise experiences that will enlighten and guide. I’m a deep thinker, who has many everyday experiences which I am willing to share with others who “wonder how that works”? If you have like interests, or better methods to a…

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton